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Get him back after pushing him away


They say that breaking up is difficult. The pain, however, takes on a whole new level when you realize that you were directly responsible for the breakup of a cherished relationship. It hurts to the core that you lost your partner because of your toxicity. Get him back after pushing him away? The guilt, regret, and longing seem to weigh heavier each morning you wake up alone, desperately missing the one you love.

Yet, even after sabotaging a once beautiful relationship, reconciliation is still possible. You can gradually reopen the door to your ex’s heart that you shut with sincere, reflective thinking, persistent effort, and enormous patience.

It won’t happen immediately. It will take time and effort to rebuild the trust you shattered. But even if you drove your ex away, you still have a chance to win them back if you can show genuine ownership over your shortcomings and long-lasting change.

The path to reconciliation will be difficult, and I demand that you look hard at yourself. But with effort and humility, you may gradually undo the harm, reestablish an emotional connection, and reestablish the relationship on a firmer foundation.

Let’s dive into steps to take on how to get him back after pushing him away:

Apologize sincerely – Get him back after pushing him away

The most important step in making amends after pushing him away is apologizing sincerely and unconditionally. Forget sending a short “I’m sorry” SMS; you need to show genuine regret and ownership for the suffering you have brought about.

An emotional letter is the most effective strategy. Write honestly and openly as you describe in detail how your actions hurt your partner during the relationship.

Describe how you now understand the underlying problems that caused those damaging actions. Make it clear that you alone accept complete responsibility and that your goal in writing this letter is to sincerely apologize, with no expectation of receiving forgiveness in return.

With this kind of apology, your ex can deal with their emotions at their own pace. You’re not requesting a second chance or immediate forgiveness. You’re just expressing your regret and letting go of your guilt.

Acknowledging mistakes is an essential beginning in developing yourself. It demonstrates to your ex that you know the full consequences of your previous decisions.  

When written sincerely, a letter of this kind could pave the way for eventual peace. But for those seeds to sprout, they need time and attention. The slow task of restoring confidence has only just begun with this apology.

Give him space – Get him back after pushing him away

Giving your ex some space is the hardest but most important thing to do once you have apologized. It may take weeks, months, or even longer to process the letter’s contents and consider reconciliation. You were sincere in what you stated. You must step back and let your ex reply on their terms and schedule.

This means strictly respecting any requested boundaries. Refrain from bombarding them with regular texts or social media posts. Recognize that your previous behavior has severely damaged the basis of trust between you. It takes time to restore faith after betrayal.

Concentrate on your personal development and self-care to give your ex space to recover. They may eventually feel warmed by subtle reminders of your shared joy. But early on, pull back completely and release expectations.

Once the seed has been planted, it must be slowly nurtured by demonstrating your ability to respect emotional distance. Even the most delicate seed can re-grow strong with time and care.

Reflect on what went wrong

While giving your ex space, dedicate focused time to self-reflection. Understanding the damaging behaviors that led you to push him away in the first place is the only way to stop making the same mistakes in your relationships in the future.

Were you too harsh with the little things? Did you use emotional manipulation to gain what you wanted? Get angry when their needs conflict with yours?

These are challenging problems that call for extreme openness and contemplation. Before making a change, you must examine the harm you caused. Keep a thorough journal and discuss your shortcomings with a therapist or reliable friend who won’t just give you what you want to hear.

Becoming a better partner requires tearing down previous versions of yourself that sabotaged closeness. Rebuild your foundation based on progress, not unhelpful habits, using the space left by your ex. 

With awareness of your flaws, you can begin taking deliberate steps to keep them from impairing future connections. Although the labor is difficult, it is necessary.

Make thoughtful gestures

Once you’ve given your ex substantial space and done personal reflection, small gestures reminding them of the relationship’s joy can help open their heart. Recall your best times spent together. Have you ever danced in the kitchen to any particular songs? Share inside jokes from a comedy show you both loved? Bond over certain books or recipes?

Leverage these nostalgic memories by making thoughtful gestures referencing them. Send a playlist of your preferred music. Using that recipe you have always laughed at, surprise them with some homemade treats.

Leave a book you read with a bookmark on an amusing section you both laughed about. These earnest attempts remind your ex of the great connection you experienced while expressing regret for the difficult periods. Gently and pleasantly tug at the emotions without being invasive. 

Find small methods to reaffirm the magic that once existed while giving them space. Shared delight can nourish the seeds of peace.

Remind him of good times – Get him back after pushing him away

After no contact, cautiously bring up shared happy memories when interacting with your ex again. Mention a fond trip, private joke, or activity you both participated in to help them recall the deep connection you once shared.

Say something like, “I saw hiking gear today and thought of that crazy rainstorm we got caught in on the trail. We laughed for hours back at the lodge over hot cocoa.”

Reminisce fondly about your relationship highlights. Refer to the cute nicknames you called each other. Briefly mention any amusing incidents or locations you two visited. Your ex will be reminded of the emotional connection you two formed when you playfully talk about the good times. 

Keep your thoughts brief, though. Instead of forcing uncomfortable dialogues, the objective is to evoke pleasant recollections to increase comfort and widen their hearts. A few smiles shared while reminiscing can help to plant the seed of peace.

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Rebuild trust slowly

Rebuilding trust after hurting someone takes tremendous patience and care. A sincere apology letter will not be enough to undo months or years of emotional suffering. It will take time for you to regain the trust you lost; during that time, your ex must see constant change in you.

After self-sabotage, reestablishing a close relationship means starting from scratch. Take it gradually. Don’t expect praise for grand gestures because your ex’s heart won’t accept more pain immediately.

Reconciliation needs care, not quick decisions that can reverse progress. Show that you are committed to acting thoughtfully and considerately in all situations. 

The trust between you can reappear over time when your ex sees that you value their needs as much as yours. But that fragile foundation must be strengthened cautiously.

Be patient and consistent – Get him back after pushing him away

Your best ally when attempting to mend a relationship after infidelity is patience. Pushing your ex to offer forgiveness or commit to reconciliation before they are ready will only cause more harm. Healing takes time, occasionally a lot of it. Let your ex see how patient you are throughout that process.

Consistency is key, too. Don’t merely apologize and make huge gestures at first, then resume your previous behaviors. Show that you are committed to making a difference by taking consistent, daily action. Your ex needs to know that you will put their wants and feelings before your own in the long run, not simply when you want something.

The trust you damaged can be rebuilt with persevering patience and consistency. And after surviving the biggest storm, your connection might become much stronger. But you can’t rush it. Let your ex progress at their rate, and concentrate entirely on improving yourself.

Focus on self-improvement

A breakup is a crucial chance for personal development, especially if it was brought on by your actions. Spend this time working on becoming the finest version of yourself—the partner you wish you had been all along—instead of sitting in sorrow over the past.

Seek counseling to understand your destructive patterns and how to change them. Discover new interests and passions to boost your self-confidence and interests outside of relationships. Do whatever feeds your spirit, whether reading, exercising, or socializing.

You will undoubtedly radiate the passion that initially drew your ex when you concentrate completely on your fulfillment and development. They will see someone motivated by their goals rather than seeking approval from others.

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And if it’s meant to be, your journey of self-discovery could lead you back together someday, both stronger for the time apart spent wisely.

Discuss the future – Get him back after pushing him away

When you sense your ex is open to reconciliation, suggest meeting in person to discuss the relationship’s future openly. To have a comfortable conversation, pick a neutral area. Having no expectations will help you better understand where each other is coming from.

Prepare yourself to listen and comprehend their viewpoint. Refrain from bringing up previous debates. Talk about how you both feel right now and your future goals. Talk about reestablishing closer intimacy and trust if there is interest in giving it another shot.

However, be considerate if they require extra time. Instead of negotiations, the meeting is about open communication. Keep it centered on mutual care and growth, not just your desired outcome. This kind of future discussion can bring about much-needed clarification.

Show you’ve changed – Get him back after pushing him away

It’s more important to act thoughtfully daily than to make grand gestures to win back an ex. Don’t just say you have changed; demonstrate it by your actions. In all contacts, give attention to their needs and feelings. Please do small acts of kindness without expecting anything in return.

Stay calm during disagreements and really listen to their perspective. Avoid repeating the negative actions that caused the breakup. Talk openly about ways to improve the relationship. Your ex needs to see that you are consistently acting maturely and politely. 

Trust can be reestablished over time if they see that you have corrected past mistakes and improved as a partner. But with concrete evidence of enduring change in your daily routine and conversation, words are meaningful. 

A transformed relationship requires two transformed individuals focused on the shared vision of renewal.

FAQS: How to get him back after pushing him away

My ex says they need more time before reconciliation. How long should I wait? 

It’s natural to feel impatient, but pressing your ex to reconnect before they are ready will only push them further away. Be prepared to give them several months minimum to work through their emotions. Send the occasional thoughtful text or letter, but refrain from a response. Stay focused on your own growth, and let your ex come to you when the time is right.

I apologized, but my ex says it’s “too late” for us. Is the relationship permanently over?

It’s still ongoing. “Too late” may signal they are still hurt and guarding themselves emotionally. Don’t get defensive; acknowledge you understand their hesitation. The sincere apology was for making amends, not forcing a reunion. With time, once your ex sees a true change in you, your heart may soften. Don’t lose hope, but accept if they ultimately can’t reconcile.

We had a toxic relationship. Would reuniting just lead to more unhappiness?

It’s reasonable to be cautious about falling back into old patterns. The best chance for a new, healthy relationship lies in two key steps: thoroughly understanding the old toxicity and genuinely transforming yourself. Come to the table with radical acceptance of your past issues. Then, demonstrate consistent positive changes in how you communicate, argue, compromise, and support your partner.

My ex has started dating someone new. Is it too late now?

When an ex enters a new relationship shortly after a breakup, it can feel devastating. But try not to panic or lash out. Instead, focus completely on improving yourself and keep any contact dignified. With time, the new relationship may fizzle out. If you have worked diligently on becoming your best self, you’ll be prepared if your ex reaches out down the road. Never force it, but keep faith in second chances.

Conclusion – Get him back after pushing him away

As we all know, relationships shattered by toxicity can be pieced together with humility, patience, and an open heart. Reconciliation is possible if you sincerely take ownership and give your partner endless time and space. Use that space for intense self-reflection to nurture real change.

Avoid pressuring your ex, and focus completely on your own growth. Small gestures reminding your ex of your bond may reopen their heart in time. But reconciliation will only work if you have confronted your demons and consistently prove you have transformed.

With a dedication to improvement, you can gradually mend even the most damaged bonds, emerging stronger than ever. True change takes time, but where there is humility, there is hope.

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