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5 Things to Do if Your Wife Never Initiates Intimacy

Did you ever think, “my wife never initiates intimacy”? Your anger is understandable. Especially if your sex life used to be vibrant and vigorous.Those who worry, “my wife won’t touch me sexually,” or who are tired of being the one to start conversations about intimacy, have company.The good news is that there are numerous solutions available for eradicating bedroom issues and reigniting passion between husband and wife.

Furthermore, you are not destined for a loveless union. However, if the root of the issue is unknown, a solution cannot be found. That’s why we’re going to discuss the most prevalent causes of a wife losing interest in sexual activity and what you can do about it.

Here are 8 explanations for why she never makes the first move

There are a few possible explanations for why your wife may never make the first move in the bedroom. 

1. She has a lot on her mind – My wife never initiates intimacy

Stress may be one reason why your wife never makes the first move toward affection. Women, according to research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, have more trouble paying attention during intimate interactions and report lower levels of arousal when under stress.Your wife may feel too stressed to engage in sexual activity due to illness, marital problems, motherhood, or worries about the workplace.

2. She’s in full-on mother mode

Being a mother is a never-ending cycle of joy, stress, and concern. If your wife suddenly stops wanting to have sex with you, it may not be due to a lack of libido but rather an unhealthy emphasis on motherhood. It’s possible that your wife doesn’t know how to put her mothering hat aside for the day and appreciate everything that her marriage has to offer.

3. She doesn’t feel a bond with you – My wife never initiates intimacy

Intimacy on the emotional level is crucial to the success of any relationship, even sexual ones. Wives need a balance of physical arousal and emotional closeness to feel connected to their mate, whereas men tend to bond with their wives through physical intimacy. It’s possible that your wife is refusing to have sex because she no longer feels emotionally connected to you.

4. She’s going through a hormonal transition

One possible explanation for “my wife never initiates physical contact” is that she is experiencing hormonal fluctuations. If your wife is pregnant or recently gave birth, she may be experiencing a drop in libido due to a combination of pure weariness and wild hormones. However, menopause could also be a factor in your wife’s perpetual lack of enthusiasm.

During the menopause transition, a woman’s estrogen levels diminish, which can lead to vaginal dryness and make intercourse painful or uncomfortable. Her libido may decrease if her estrogen levels are low.

5. Her mood is low

Do you know if your wife suffers from mental illness or severe depression? If this is the case, it’s possible that her low libido is due to the negative effects of her depression or the medicine she’s taking to manage it.

6. She has moved on to another man

One of the most terrifying possibilities for why your wife won’t have sex with you is that she has feelings for, or is having an intimate relationship with, another man. Do your best to avoid making hasty charges if your wife refuses to engage in sexual activity with you. If she starts acting distant, avoiding you, or joining a gym, these could all be indications that she has her sights set on someone else.

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7. She has a sense of shame

Does your wife have trouble loving herself? A study published in the Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health indicated that a woman’s sexual health suffered when she had low self-esteem. Your wife may have shut down your sex life accidentally if she is insecure about her physical attractiveness.

8. She isn’t content – My wife never initiates intimacy

If your wife never makes the first move, it could be because you’re terrible in the sack. It’s possible that years of disappointing sex have resulted from a failure to communicate, and she may be too embarrassed to bring it up the longer you’ve been together. She may be tired of being the one to initiate sexual encounters just to be left wanting if she isn’t fulfilled in bed.

If your wife never makes the first move, try these 5 strategies

If you want to be intimate with your wife but she never seems to take the first step, maybe these suggestions can help. 

1. Discuss it – My wife never initiates intimacy

If your wife is never in the mood, communicating with her about it is the first and most critical step you can do. When bringing it up, do so gently and collectedly. She’ll get defensive if she thinks you’re trying to pin the blame on her. Tell her instead how much you like being intimate with her, not just because it feels good but because it strengthens your bond with her.

Find out if she has any suggestions for how you may improve your sex experience together. Maintaining open lines of communication will do wonders for your sexual life. Sexual communication has been linked to higher levels of relationship satisfaction and more frequent orgasms for women.

My wife never initiates intimacy

2. Recommit to your spouse

How long has it been since you two went on a date? Unfortunately, it’s easy to put date night on the back burner when you have kids and a demanding work schedule, but there are lots of good reasons to make it a priority.

The National Marriage Project revealed that couples who regularly schedule time together for a “date night” enjoy several positive outcomes, including higher levels of sexual pleasure, better communication, and renewed energy and passion for one another and their relationship.

3. Share your worries about her emotional wellbeing

Your wife may benefit from talking to someone if she is experiencing anxiety or depression that is not being treated by a professional. The first step toward reuniting with the woman you fell in love with is getting professional help for her mental health, such as from a therapist or her doctor.

4. Reflect on your own actions

Your wife may have stopped having sex with you for a variety of reasons, both physiological and psychological. If you want your relationship to be healthy and joyful again, it’s important to investigate the cause of the strain.

  • May I be allowed to pay greater heed to my wife?
  • Is there anything I can do to make her day a little easier?
  • How can I show my wife how much I appreciate her sexiness?
  • How can I make my wife feel more romantic?

You may improve your sex life with your wife by asking yourself these sorts of questions.

5. Seek out marriage therapy

If you’ve been patient with your wife for a while, but you still don’t feel physically attached, you might benefit from marriage counseling. Couples in need of help resolving issues and communicating more effectively can benefit from marriage counseling. It’s a fantastic tool for mending interpersonal rifts.

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What to do if your wife refuses to have sexual relations

If you want to spice up your romantic life with your partner, consider trying the following.

1. Don’t force it; that won’t help – My wife never initiates intimacy

If your wife never makes the first move, relax and enjoy life.You and your wife will feel more pressure if you make sex into a major event. This could make her uncomfortable with intimacy and create tension between you and your wife.

2. Organize yourself in advance – My wife never initiates intimacy

You’re still under the impression that your wife has lost interest in having sexual relations with you. Instead of asking her for sex after a long day of work and motherhood when you’re both fatigued, plan ahead of time.

Schedule some downtime when you’re both free. You’ll be able to spend quality time together after hiring a babysitter. As a result, you and your partner will have an infinitely better time engaging in sexual activity.

3. Re-enter the Dating Scene

If you’ve ever Googled anything like “my wife won’t touch me sexually,” it’s probably time to quit obsessing over sex and start dating again. Of course you’re dating your wife. The time has come to unleash your inner romantic if your wife never makes the first move in the bedroom. If you can get back together emotionally, the physical part won’t be far behind.

4. Give your wife sincere praise

Women who rated themselves highly also reported having more sexual partners and experiencing more sexual excitement. If your wife no longer finds herself physically attractive, she may be reluctant to undress in front of you. The solution is in self-love, but you may play a role as well. Be sincere in your praise of your wife; it will do wonders for her self-esteem.

5. Put your spouse first

Checking in on your marriage on a regular basis will help you monitor your sexual intimacy and make sure you’re both happy with the amount of time you spend together.

6. Find methods to assist one another

The less stressed she is, the more room she has in her mind for dirty thoughts.

7. Emphasize the Prelude

Are you sick and tired of being the one to start things off romantically? It’s time for a new approach. Don’t skip ahead to the climax. Don’t rush things around in front of your wife. If she just focuses on what she wants, she won’t be able to think “my wife never wants to have sex.”

8. Keep talking at all times

Statistically speaking, couples are less likely to discuss sexual issues than other disagreements, such as those involving children or money, so this might be challenging. But talking about what each of you wants sexually can make a huge difference in your relationship.

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FAQS – My wife never initiates intimacy

My wife never makes the first move in bed. When your wife refuses to touch you, what does it mean?

If your wife never makes the first move in showing affection, it could be for any of the reasons discussed below. Another obvious reason is that she isn’t used to taking the lead. If you’ve usually been the one to make the first move toward intimacy, try shifting the dynamic by telling her how much you’d enjoy it if she made the first move.

She’s never in the mood, my wife. Is sexual closeness essential to a happy marriage?

When one spouse complains, “my wife never initiates physical contact,” the other may begin to worry that the marriage is doomed.
Sex is not required to have a happy marriage. It is possible to have a fulfilling marriage at any age, and several married couples with physical limitations do just that. A sexless marriage can work, but only if both spouses are on board with the idea.

Conclusion – My wife never initiates intimacy

It’s very upsetting to feel like “my wife never initiates intimacy” all the time. You and your wife will miss out on an opportunity to bond on a deeper level and have more pleasure in the bedroom. It’s likely that whatever is upsetting your wife to the point where you think, “My wife never initiates intimacy,” is upsetting her just as much as it is upsetting you.

Allow her time to work on herself as you two rededicate yourselves to your marriage. You should probably go to marriage counseling if you’re sick of being the one to start things and your wife has suddenly lost interest in having sexual relations with you. Marriage and sexual intimacy can both benefit from couples therapy.

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