Consultant ST7+ Post CCT NHS Consultant Anaesthesia – Obstetrics Anaesthetist East Yorkshire United Kingdom

£84.56k – £114k per annum

Job Details:

Consultant ST7+ Post CCT NHS Consultant Anaesthesia – ObstetricsAnaesthetist East Yorkshire United Kingdom via Workplace Doctors on a fixedterm/ permanent basis.

***CESR / CCT or Post CCT (within 6months of job offer) or equivalent overseas qualification.
*** GMC Registration Required (General Medical Council) Essential
*** Specialist Register entry on theGMC Register
***Location: East Yorkshire United Kingdom
***Speciality: Anaesthesia – Obstetrics Anaesthetist
*** Role: Consultant / ST 7+ / Post CCT / CESR
***Duration: Fixed Term / Permanent (NOT Locum Basis)
***Pay rate: £NEGOTIABLE (dependent on experience £84,559 – £114,003 a year)
***Start date: ASAP
*** Exact location details provided upon receipt of application / CV


Our NHS client prides itself on being a friendly and caring placeto work where the aim to combine our patient first approach with innovative andcreativity against a backdrop of holistic team working, as encapsulated intheir vision and values.

We are looking for an enthusiastic, highly driven ConsultantAnaesthetist with a passion for obstetrics to join our clients expert andenergetic team. This role will be based at the Hospital with some theatressessions at the secondary hospital site.

We currently have two vibrant hospital sites each with a variedrange of services available. Our hospitals are brimming with exemplary teams ofhardworking individuals. Both hospitals will be further enhanced in the futuredue to a significant investment that will see the creation of one acutehospital site which will include a 30 bed Critical Care Unit and one plannedcare hospital site for most elective surgery.

This is an exciting time to join our client as they are currentlygrowing elective caesarean section capacity and expanding the ObstetricAnaesthetic team. Candidates for this role must have GMC Specialist registrationand recent experience within the NHS.

This is an ideal opportunity to be part of a dedicatedanaesthetics team in which there are many development opportunities. The postwill consist of 10 PAs with on-call responsibility on a 1 in 8 rota.

The East Riding of Yorkshire, or simply East Riding or EastYorkshire, is an area in Northern England. The name is traditionally andgeographically a reference to the easternmost of the three subdivisions (calledThrydings or Ridings) of the traditional county of Yorkshire. The traditionalcultural and historic geographic county, the East Riding of Yorkshire bordersthe North Sea to the east of the county. To the north across the River Derwentis the North Riding of Yorkshire, and to the west across the River Ouse is theWest Riding of Yorkshire.

In terms of neighbouring local government administration, the EastRiding of Yorkshire unitary authority adjoins North Yorkshire to the north,north-west and to the west, South Yorkshire metropolitan area to the south-westand Lincolnshire across the Humber Estuary to the south. The City of Kingstonupon Hull is a separate unitary authority immediately to the south and formspart of the ceremonial county area. Other councils areas adjacent to theunitary authority include North East Lincolnshire, beyond the Humber Estuary;North Lincolnshire, beyond the Humber and on land; Hull, Doncaster, Selby,York, Ryedale and Scarborough.

The landscape consists of a crescent of low chalk hills, theYorkshire Wolds, surrounded by the low-lying fertile plains of Holderness andthe Vale of York. The Humber Estuary and North Sea mark its southern andeastern limits. Archaeological investigations have revealed artefacts andstructures from all historical periods since the last ice age. There are fewlarge settlements and no industrial centres. The area is administered from theancient market and ecclesiastical town of Beverley.

Major sporting and entertainment venues are concentrated inKingston upon Hull, while the seaside and market towns supportsemi-professional and amateur sports clubs and provide seasonal entertainmentfor visitors. Bishop Burton is the site of an agricultural college, and Hullprovides the region’s only university. On the southern border, close to Hull,the Humber Bridge spans the Humber Estuary to enable the A15 to link Hesslewith Barton-upon-Humber in North Lincolnshire.

In 2019, there were 601k residents in East Riding of Yorkshirecounty with an average age of 42.2 years. Population density was 242 residentsper square kilometer. Population grew by 5.8% since 2002 and population averageage increased by 2.6 years in the same period. Based on Census, there were 2.31residents per household in 2011.

Department – TheAnaesthetic Department

The main hospital has 9 operatingtheatres close to the Critical care unit. The majority of the theatre workloadis general, colorectal, upper GI/Bariatric, urological, vascular, and traumaorthopaedic surgery with smaller numbers of ENT, ophthalmic, gynaecological andmax fax surgery undertaken

The secondary hospital – Subspecialtyinterests for theatre sessions may be accommodated in various specialitiesprovided at the secondary hospital. There are 8 operating theatres whichprovide orthopaedic, ENT, Maxillo-facial, Breast, Gynaecological and PaediatricSurgery.

 The Critical Care Units

At the main hospital the Critical CareUnit currently has 14 beds (Total dependency of 8). Eight Consultants provideday and night cover.

At the secondary hospital site there are11 critical care beds (total dependency of 6). Three Consultant Anaesthetistsprovide daytime Critical Care cover.

Both Hospitals have easy access to theother’s critical care beds should the need for overspill arise. There ishospital specific Consultant cover both day and night.

There is an outreach service on thegeneral wards run very successfully by critical care trained nurses. The Trustis the development site for vital PAC, an electronic Early Warning System thathas won numerous innovation awards, adopting it enthusiastically some years ago.Many new features are being integrated into the system to improve patient wardsafety. All Junior Doctors and many nurses at the hospitals participate in a“deteriorating patient Simulation course” in our bespoke dedicated simulationlab.

Obstetric activity

The Women’s and Children’s Departmentopened at the main hospital in September 2014. It contains Antenatal andPostnatal Wards, a Labour Ward with 13 very spacious delivery rooms, twooperating theatres and a recovery unit. Consultant Anaesthetic cover isprovided for four Elective Caesarean Section Lists occurring Monday to Friday.

There are currently 6 ConsultantAnaesthetists who have a specific interest in Obstetrics.

There are around 5,000 deliveriesundertaken a year. The unit has a low epidural (21%) and section rate (20%).

The successful applicant would beexpected to spend one day a week on the Obstetric Unit, with a mixture ofelective and emergency work. He or she may also run a high risk clinic for onesession every 4 weeks.

The high risk clinic involves assessingand contributing to the plans for the patient’s care and delivery, inconjunction with the Obstetricians and other Consultants, for women who havesignificant comorbidities. These comorbidities include known cardiac,respiratory or neurological problems, as well as high BMIs.

The successful applicant will also helpto train and assess junior Anaesthetists, who are usually there to completetheir ICOA. We are able to provide training for intermediate blocks as well.

Evening and night time cover is providedby a very experienced group of 6 staff Obstetric Anaesthetists, who also helpwith some Emergency cover in the daytime.

The multidisciplinary team ofObstetricians, Midwives and Theatre Staff work very well together with detailedhandovers and mutual respect.

There are many areas in which thesuccessful applicant could further be involved. For example, simulation is agrowing phenomenon in our Trust. One of the established courses run out of ourown facilities is a multidisciplinary Obstetrics Emergency and Human FactorsCourse with Midwives, Obstetricians, ODPs and Anaesthetists participating. Thishas always received incredibly enthusiastic feedback. We also run regular livedrills on the labour unit.

PROMPT is another well-establishedmultidisciplinary course that is run at least once a month, and requiresAnaesthetists as part of the faculty.

There is also opportunity for thesuccessful applicant to be involved with the development of a Critical CareCompetency Programme for Midwives, following the publication of the Care of thesick woman in childbirth – Guidelines for Maternal Critical Care, 2018.

We have robust clinical audit support,and patient safety is taken very seriously in the Obstetrics Department. Thereis a culture of openness and continuous improvement.

Job Plan

Regularjob planning meetings will be undertaken with the post holder to ensure thatthe appointee is remunerated for any additional activities undertaken and thatthe job plan accurately reflects the overall workload undertaken by the postholder.The supporting professional activities (SPAs) allocation within the provisionaljob plan is an illustrative guide and will be finalised following individualagreement with successful candidates. Further discussion on supportingprofessional activities will depend on the Trust’s requirements and theindividual’s particular expertise.

A draft job plan is provided below. The job Plan will be reviewed and agreedwith the post-holder at appointment.

Exampleof a typical job plan

AM TheatreSPAEl c/s or l/w 
PM TheatreSPAL/wTheatre or Labour Ward or clinic

DCCOn call unpredictable on call = 0.7 Predictable on call = 0.6

Totalon call = 1.3 Day time Clinical = 6.25

SPA1.5 Core SPA for revalidation and clinical governance 1 SPA for otheractivities which will be assessed yearly at a job planning meeting

TotalPAS = 10.05


Thesuccessful applicant will be based at The main hospital where the on-call rotais split, so he or she will cover general emergencies only and not ITU. Thefrequency is 1:8 and also includes additional weekend trauma.Thereare 3 tiers of on-call Anaesthetic cover:

· The firston-call is provided by the CTs (1/2) (full shift pattern)

· Thesecond on-call is provided by the STs (3+) and by three specialty doctors,working full shifts

· The thirdon-call cover is provided by the Consultant Anaesthetists from home

Currentlythere are Emergency departments and Intensive Care units at both hospitals. Themedical “acute take” and acute Orthopaedics is split between both Hospitals. Headinjured adults needing Surgery or admission to a Neurosurgical unit aregenerally transferred to Stoke on Trent’s Neurosurgical Unit or to theUniversity Hospital in Doncaster. Paediatric patients requiring intensive careare transferred to PICUs in Scarborough.


Thisis as described in the Medical and Dental Terms and Conditions, in line withthe Consultant Contract (2003). The current full time salary scale (as of July2020) ranges from £84,559 – £114,003 a year with eight thresholds.The on call supplement is Category A and attracts a supplement of 5% of basicsalary.

Office AccommodationOffice accommodation will be providedfor the appointee with secretarial support.

Management Responsibility

All Consultants are required to attendthe monthly Directorate Meetings. Post holders will be expected to share inadministrative duties allocated by mutual agreement within the Directorate. Aspart of the Consultant Team, the consultant will offer mentoring support and lead the existing clinical teamthrough, one-to-one support, individual case management and complex cases,identifying development needs and suggesting CPD (Continuous ProfessionalDevelopment) opportunities and responding to clinical enquiries via e-mail andtelephone.


The consultant will be required toparticipate in programmes for teaching clinical students, training juniordoctors and in clinical examinations. The post-holder’s contribution toteaching, training and research will be included in the regular job planreview. Teaching will take place during programmed activities and flexibly atother times.

·Toprovide conditions for improved training opportunities in line with nationaland local recommendations arising out of GMC and related requirements·Tosupervise and manage the work of his/her junior medical staff and participatein the training and development of these staff to the standards required by theRoyal Colleges.

Clinical Governance & Audit

The consultant will participate in clinicalgovernance activities, including clinical audit, clinical effectiveness, riskmanagement, quality improvement activities as required by the Trust, andexternal accrediting bodies. There are 6 half day clinical governance meetingsper annum which substitute regular fixed sessions. There is a weekly consultantmeeting before MDT on Friday to discuss any issues during the week and to planfor next week.

Personal & Professional Development

The post-holder will be required to keephimself/herself fully up-to-date with their relevant area of practice and beable to demonstrate this to the satisfaction of the Trust.

The Trust supports the requirements for continuingprofessional development as laid down by the Royal College of Physicians and iscommitted to providing time and financial support for these activities.

Medical revalidation is the process by which theGeneral Medical Council (GMC) confirms the continuation of a doctor’s licenceto practise in the UK, provides greater assurance to patients, the public,employers and other healthcare professionals that licensed doctors areup-to-date and fit to practise. It is a key component of a range of measuresdesigned to improve the quality of care for patients. 

The Trust supports Royal College guidance onprovision of mentors for new consultants in line with GMC recommendations. Allnewly appointed consultant staff are provided with a list of locally trainedmentors who are available for ongoing support as required.

Personal Responsibilities


All confidential information, including patientrecords, individual staff records, details of contract prices and terms and anyother confidential information, must under no circumstances be divulged orpassed on to any unauthorised person or persons. The penalty for breach ofconfidentiality will normally be summary dismissal.
Workplace Doctors are looking formedical professionals with UK & Overseas experience: that possesses thefollowing qualities:ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS:

*** Ability to act as part of a team
*** Ability to cope with a varying work load
*** GMC Registration Essential (General Medical Council) – We can provideguidance if needed
*** Specialist Register entry on theGMC Register
***Post CESR or CCT obtained (CCT – Certificate of Completion of Training) or(CESR- Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration)
****IELTSand PLAB Exam Part 1 & 2 (IELTS, overall score 7.5) – overseas doctors
****GMC Registration Essential (General Medical Council) – We can provideguidance if needed

Doctorsguide to working in the UK – Click hereNote: The Trust operates a policy whereby all employment for staffthat have access to children/vulnerable adults will be subject to asatisfactory DBS Disclosure (Disclosure and Barring Service) The CriminalRecords Bureau ( CRB ) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority ( ISA ) havemerged to become the Disclosure and Barring Service ( DBS ). CRB checks are nowcalled DBS checks. Overseas candidates will require an international policecheck or character reference.Tier 2 Certificate of Sponsorship(formerly a Work Permit)Applications from job seekers who require Tier 2 sponsorship to work in the UKare welcome and will be considered alongside all other applications. However,non-EEA candidates may not be appointed to a post if a suitably qualified,experienced and skilled EU/EEA candidate is available to take up the post asthe employing body is unlikely, in these circumstances, to satisfy the ResidentLabour Market Test.At Workplace Doctors we welcome all applications irrespective of age,disability, gender, sexual orientation, race or religion.  Candidates will be offered an interview providingthey meet the minimum criteria for the post. Workplace Doctors is a recruitment agency that offers locum, fixed term,permanent & locum medical jobs to cover the NHS, HSE, public and privatesectors for Doctors and Nurses, AHP medical professionals.We look forward to helping you progress your career and find you the idealposition.

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Job Category: Others
Job Type: Temporary

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